What is Bottle Service?

At dance clubs and lounges, especially in large cities, prime seating near all the action is reserved for bottle service customers.  The customers buy an entire bottle of alcohol at a premium price ($300 – $500 is typical).  The bottle is served on ice with glasses and a variety of mixers and garnishes.  Typical accompaniments include cranberry juice, orange juice, seltzer, tonic, cherries, lemons and limes.  A dedicated VIP server brings refills and can mix your drinks for you tableside if you don’t want to do the honors.

You can’t take home the unfinished liquor but some clubs may store it for another night.  Expect a service charge for storage.

Bottle service is a way of charging premium prices for VIP treatment at busy clubs where tables are highly sought after.  It is a new twist on cocktail waitress service.