Starting a Bottle Service for your Lounge or Club

Thinking about starting a bottle service?  Let me convince you to move forward.  Many metropolitan upscale clubs make as much as 60% of their revenues on bottle service.  They encourage bottle service by selling it right at the door, sometimes even having a VIP entrance for bottle service customers.  By buying bottle service, the customers bypass the long lines and get premium seating near all of the action and dedicated VIP service staff.  Some clubs even waive cover charges for bottle service customers.  Others play a popular theme song when a premium (expensive) bottle is purchased by a table. Bottle service is all about VIP treatment.  Of course, this premium service comes at a premium price ranging from 400% – 2,000% mark-ups (sometimes even more).

To start a bottle service, you’ll need a menu of bottles, mixers and condiments.  You’ll want to include vodkas, tequilas, whiskeys, champagne, cognac, rum and gin.  Be sure to establish a minimum order of one bottle per 4 – 6 people, depending on your table size and bottle size.

You should consider investing in bottle service barware.  There are plenty of vendors selling service trays with everything needed in a compact, portable tray.  There are ice buckets, compartments for garnishes and re-usable containers with pour spouts for mixers.  There are also stands on wheels that can be delivered tableside and bottle locks to secure the bottle from theft when the customers are out on the dance floor.

Who is the target client for bottle service?

Bottle service appeals to groups of men since it is a classy way to break the ice by inviting a lady to join them at the table.  Women celebrating a special event are also frequent customers.

You should promote the bottle service to local professionals who are often responsible for networking and entertaining existing and potential clients.  Don’t forget to make connections at local hotels that can refer conference and business groups to trendy night life locations.

Another must-do:  create special packages for birthdays, retirements, bachelorette parties and other events.  Include balloons, chocolate covered strawberries, cake and other accompaniments to make it an all-inclusive party package.

Consider enabling website reservations for bottle service tables.  If you add this convenience, be sure your website is optimized for mobile devices.  If you want to allow pre-orders, you can use an on-line order form like this:  Bottle Service Form