Major Domestic Brewery Exhibits Innovation in Packaging

BUD LITE has introduced a re-closable 16 ounce aluminum bottle branded the “Cool Twist.” The packaging cost Budweiser $150 million in development costs. The international powerhouse invested a significant amount of money on the innovative and trendy packaging to position its product apart from others in the domestic beer marketplace. With the rise in craft beer sales, the “Big Box” domestic beer retailers have to go the extra mile to attract the young hip crowd in both the on premise and off-premise market.

This is a great move for a domestic product like BUD LITE. Domestic beer buyers look for reliable consistency in the product. They want it to always taste the same. New flavor profiles are harder to launch successfully in this mass-appeal category. Distinguishably, draft beer drinkers look for variety and a new experience each time. Thus, creating new packaging for the well-established domestic beer product is a great marketing move.

If you have an innovative packaging concept, you should discuss your design with a patent and trademark attorney to both clear it of potential infringement and to explore protecting it through patent, trademark, trade dress or copyright protection. If you own the rights to the packaging, you can prevent “copycatters” from entering the competitive landscape or create an additional revenue stream by licensing your packaging design to other beverage manufacturers. Being on the forefront of technology will position your company as innovative and trendy, something that will attract both customers and investors.