Local Promotion Idea for Bars

The alcohol beverage control laws make drink discounts and promotions a tricky endeavor.  I am always on the lookout for ideas for my clients.  I recently bought about one-half dozen “drink decks.”  (It is a product of City Dining Cards sold at local businesses around town).  The deck contains cards for local bars and restaurants offering a buy-one get-one-free cocktail (or any drink).

I love it!  Great excuse to meet with a colleague, friend, sister (or date) and catch up a bit.  Even better, what a great way to try some exotic new drink you would not otherwise be inclined to splurge for a taste test.

The participating bars in this inaugural year are impressive:  Lovin Cup, Roc Brewing Co, Tapas 177, Wall Street, Scotland Yard Pub, and the list goes on.  I encourage you to look into participating next year.  This is an affordable gift for a craft brew or wine lover and keep local money at local businesses.

The same company also produces a deck with restaurant discounts.  Personally, I don’t like these as much (but I bought several nonetheless to support my local restaurant clients).  These are only a $10 discount and require you to spend at least $30.  A one-third discount is not as enticing, and it doesn’t make a great gift since the recipient has to spend more than they get in return.  However, 5% is donated to the local food banks – I like that a lot.

If your bar or restaurant participated this year (or last), we’d love some feedback on whether it was successful.  Tell us how it worked (or didn’t) for your business.