Is Internet Marketing Worth It for your Restaurant?

Wonder whether it is worth spending money on internet marketing? There are so many companies offering website design, mobile apps, SEO optimization, pay per click marketing and social media management. Where do you begin?

Buyer behavior has changed significantly and restaurants need to understand how to reach customers to be successful in the internet age.  Here are the facts:  Sixty percent (60%) of Americans search the internet for local business information weekly and of those, half search multiple times each week.  If you are not on the internet, customers can’t find you.  You might as well not be in business because many people will think you closed when they can’t find you on Facebook or an up to date website.

Eighty-six percent (86%) report that customer reviews are important in their decision-making process and 40% are motivated by deals offered on social media or the business website.  Forty-four percent (44%) are likely to post something on social media about their dining experience.  Website marketing is now your primary channel for reaching customers.  You can cut out advertising in the local print media and the yellow pages, but you can’t cut out at least some sort of internet and social media marketing.  It will be like Kodak not believing digital cameras are the future.  We know how that story went.  Don’t go down the same path.

Do you really need to invest in a mobile app?  Maybe not.  Actually, probably not.  Ninety-two percent (92%) of mobile device users prefer browser compatibility over mobile apps for business websites.  Who wants to clog up their mobile device screen with apps for every business they frequent?

So, what is the take-away?  Internet presence is essential.  Maps, directions and menus are key elements of a browser compatible website.  Offering deals will bring customers and offering a deal to customers who enter a review about their dining experienced is a great marketing strategy to increase organic search results and consumer confidence, increasing your bottom line.