Have the entrepreneurial bug?

Have you been considering launching a new business? You probably are wondering if this is a good time to take the leap. Business ownership is a lifestyle choice. Are you needing to change your lifestyle to achieve your personal or professional goals? People start businesses at all phases of life. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, new business were started or operated by:

  • 6% of all adults 18-24 years
  • 18% of all adults 25-54 years
  • 6% of all adults 55-64 years

More businesses are started by men, but the gap is decreasing. While only 80% of the U.S. entrepreneurs are women, they make up the majority of new entrepreneurs in the age 55-64 group. If you offer a service to startup businesses, you should focus on this target market. Common reasons women launch a business at this phase of life are second careers after raising a family and a desire to get out of the rat race in favor of more control over career, quality of life and a retirement income. The competing family and financial demands are less in their late 50’s and early 60’s. Confidence in entrepreneurial ability is greater for women at this age as well.

Your first step towards entrepreneurship should be to prepare a business plan. This will guide you as you launch the new business and help provide targets and benchmarks to measure progress. Consulting with a business attorney can help you identify steps you will need to take for regulatory compliance, potential risks and mitigation options, and alternatives for business structure. Armed with this information, you can create a realistic business plan with appropriate costs and timelines.