Crème Liqueurs

Coming back into fashion in the spirits world are crème liqueurs.  This is especially the case with sweet spirits that have dessert flavors.  New York farm distillers (and all other distillers) can create the perfect recipe for a new liquor product by working with the team at Creamy Creations in Batavia, NY.  This company is the U.S. subsidiary of one of Europe’s largest dairy companies and brings world class technology to US craft beverage manufacturer.  The Masse Place headquarters has a full lab and marketing team for their off-site distillery located at a local dairy farm.  I had an opportunity to visit the lab and meet some of the product development team.  Great people with a creative and fun side.  You couldn’t find a better group to work with.  If you are interest in exploring a new crème spirit to add to your product line, check them out.