Craft distilleries and wineries can find synergy in new hybrid categories

Craft distilleries have exciting opportunities to create new hybrid categories that combine wine and spirits. This is especially good news for New York farm distilleries and wineries, a unique category that allows these farm producers to sell both farm spirits and farm wines. A strategic alliance can reach the market of both the winery and the distillery’s customer case, increases sales opportunities for these micro businesses that traditionally operate on a shoe-string budget.

Another benefit is to satisfy that creative urge for microdistillers. Most enter this business for the pure love of the art – experimentation is what it is all about. With hybrids taking on market strength, this opens a new category for craft distillers to create unique, one of a kind products. Existing hybrid products by large scale producers include Rum and Tequila (Pernod’s Malibu Red), Cognac and Moscato, and Vodka and Sauvignon Blanc (Absolut Tune and Courvoisier Rosé), Vodka and Cognac (Grey Goose VX) and Gin and Sake (Jinzu).

The possibilities are endless.