Bob Brown’s “Selling Benefits to Guests, Not Menu Items”

What is your guests’ need or desire for this particular visit?  Asking the right questions to learn this key information is the skill necessary to sell benefits to the guest rather than a menu item itself.  This is a genius technique. Here are some of his examples:

“If you’d like something unique and delicious, I’d recommend ______.  It’s a house favorite.”

“A great appetizer (or dessert) to share is _______.”

“If you’d like something with a variety of flavors I’d recommend _______.”

“If you’re seeking adventure, the _______ is perfect for you.”

“If time is a concern, _______ is quick and tasty.”

“Guests rave about our _______.”

“If you’re in the mood for something hearty and nutritious, _______ is perfect.”

“Our chef’s _______ is talk of the town.”

“”If you’d like to treat yourself, I wouldn’t want you to miss our _______.”

“If you are really hungry, I’d recommend our _______.”

“Guests swear by our _______.”

“For those with a passion for chocolate, we offer _______.”

“A perfect way to end your celebration is with our _______.”

These phrases will increase your tips and client experience.  These are just a few of the tidbits you’ll take from this book.  Buy it and you’ll be singing its phrases and praises, and filling your bank account immediately.