April 2014 Gallup Pole: 84% of small business owners would do it again

For would-be entrepreneurs, there is always that nagging doubt – am I making the right decision? I hope this statistic will ease your mind: 84% of small business owners would definitely do it again. Reasons given included:

  • Being own boss/independence
  • Job satisfaction/sense of accomplishment
  • Creating employment
  • Financial reward
  • Flexible schedules
  • Working with customers

Biggest challenges:

  • Generating business/marketing
  • Cash flow and credit
  • Government regulations
  • Uncertainty/learning curve
  • Employee issues

Interestingly, the hard work was not a detracting factor. Less than 2% complained about long hours, competition and spending/expenses. Less than 1% complained about taxes, the economy or technology/website challenges.

So, what’s stopping you?