7 More Tips from Bob Brown for Increasing Sales and Tip Income

1. Customer service can be enhanced with simple phrases that replace the tired “is everything okay?” Try some of Bob Brown’s suggestions:

  • “Has the chef prepared it the way you like it?”
  • “You seem indifferent to that dish. Let me give you something you’d prefer more.”

2. It is important to observe the guest’s reaction to their selection. Bob Brown offers gestures that should be read as a cue of dissatisfaction:

  • picking at the food
  • pushing the plate out of way
  • looking disappointed
  • slow eating
  • looking around for help

3.     The more you clear the table, the more you sell. The simple act of keeping the table clear will increase your tips.

4.     Be sure to know your wine by the glass offerings. Consider trying them to give personal recommendations. (Be sure to try them with and without food so you understand its different flavor profiles.)

5.     Speak in a soothing tone of voice as you describe specials or describe menu items.

6.     Learn the restaurant’s best dishes and how to describe them artfully to tempt the senses.

7.     Know your top shelf products. Knowledge is the key to upselling.