5 Trendy Alcohol-Free Drinks for Your Designated Driver on St. Patrick’s Day

Whenever you have a party involving designated drivers, it’s logical and often expected to include some alcohol-free drinks. If you are hosting a party at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to include the following cocktails for your driving friends.

  1. Sunset Boulevard

Based on the same recipe as Tequila Sunrise, but without any alcohol (or Tequila), prepare them some Sunset Boulevard. Naturally, it contains no alcohol with a subtle taste of citrus for flavor.

Take a glass of ice and add a combination of various fruit juices. You will mix  30ml fresh lemon juice with 30ml fresh lime juice and end with 90ml orange juice. For an extra flavor, add 10ml grenadine and let the whole cocktail to rest – DO NOT STIR. Drink as you party the holiday away.

  1. The Virgin Mary

Your “Bloody booze” will be No-No, and your friends might have to put up with a safe, liquor free drink instead. If you haven’t figured out the best cocktail for your designated driving friends just yet, try making the Virgin Mary.

You need a quality tomato juice, freshly blend or a mixture of Clamato juice and tomato juice. Add a reasonable amount of sea salt and ground black pepper, four dashes of Tabasco sauce and three Worcestershire sauce dashes.

A squeeze of fresh lemon fruit and a few Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub Bitters will give it a healthy kick. Adjust seasoning, find a straw, sit down and enjoy BREATHE FIRE!

  1. Basil and Mint Lemonade

Call it a herby sophisticated version of homemade lemonade, Basil, and Mint Lemonade is perfect for an alcohol-free drink during this Irish holiday.

To create a treat for 8-10 revelers, pop 175g caster sugar and nearly similar quantity of water into a saucepan over medium heat. Don’t allow it to boil and stir until the granules dissolve. Allow them to cool in a jug.

Once it’s cold, pour half of it into another jar and pour in half a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add some water and taste. You can add more syrup if you need to. Finally, pour into a blender having basil leaves and mint leaves and whizz until almost strain. Serve over ice.

  1. The Shirley Temple

A super CHEESY drink this holiday, grab a glass of the Shirley Temple and let your friends enjoy the party responsibly. To prepare, fill a glass with ice cubes and pour in ginger ale and 7-Up, 50/50. Add a dash of grenadine and lime juice and garnish with a fluorescent maraschino and enjoy.

  1. The Riderless Mule

If you love exotic cocktails, then you might have tasted or heard about the feisty Moscow Mule. A drink with a kick, unlike the Riderless Mule, perfect for an alcohol-free St. Patrick’s party. Just a glass of ice added some 30ml fresh lime juice and 90ml ginger beer, and you are ready to go. Stir and drink.