3 apps unlock hidden income sources for big city restaurants and bars

Bars and restaurants are often situated in prime locations.  They pay the highest rent for this class A retail space in popular areas with a high volume of foot traffic, especially in high demand tourist and business visitor locations in major cities.

Creative business owners have found ways to generate revenues in off-hours that capitalize on these great locations.  Restaurants only open for dinner have joined Kettlespace to offer empty tables during closed hours as shared office space.  Some Kettlespace locations also offer limited food and beverage to workers to generate some extra revenue and entice users to their location.

BagBnb offers luggage storage for tourists who must check out of their hotel and are waiting on a flight later in the day.  This short-term luggage storage allows tourists a few extra hours of shopping and dining nearby before hopping on a plane.

New mobile apps like Lulu offer bathroom passes to use nice bathrooms in restaurants and bars instead of a port-a-potty or not-so-clean public restroom.  Amenities at some restaurant restrooms include hand towels, lotions and private stalls, and people are willing to pay for this luxury.

Owners who have tried these unique service offerings report revenues as much as $20,000 per month and note that customers often come back to eat and drink, increasing food and beverage sales for the restaurant.

If you have any experience with these services or any other creative ways to monetize your premises during your non-operating hours, we’d like to hear from you.