Owners Need to Strictly Enforce Social Distancing Orders or Face Fines or No More Indoor Dining

The Governor is publicly encouraging citizens who see restaurants and bars with staff or customers not wearing masks or adhering to the social distancing mandates. The state even asks people to include photos with their anonymous complaints to the State Liquor Authority. Restaurant and bar owners must strictly enforce the social distancing rules. Minimum fines are $1,500 and with photos evidence, these will be difficult to defend. Fines can exceed $12,000 if there are numerous instances of non-compliance. For egregious situations, the State Liquor Authority is ordering emergency suspensions of licenses. A second reason to stay vigilant is that the Governor will resort to closing indoor dining again if the non-compliance rate is high.  Our office can assist licensees with disciplinary matters, but we hope businesses can avoid these preventable fines with good business practices.