International Markets for New York Craft Beers

American craft beers are gaining respect in the international marketplace. The Brewers Association reports that exports of US craft beer rose by 72% in 2012, with Canada, the UK and Sweden making up the largest international markets. Small independent brewers are producing strong, pungent, flavor-rich ales overcoming the reputation for watered down mass marketed lagers. The biggest challenge is converting traditionalists who believe beer should be left to ferment “live” in casks. Craft beer often produced in kegs.

Beer cocktails are the latest fashionable trend. Creating some beer cocktail recipes will help you sell your craft beer in London and other European cities (not to mention here at home). Beer cocktails can also be made from equal parts of two types of beer or cider layered on top of each other in a pint glass. Beer also works well with aged spirits, like rums, vermouth and whisky as well as fruit juices, champagne, lemonade, sodas and other ingredients found in traditional cocktails. A brief search online will reveal a seemingly endless variety of beer cocktails. Hold a contest to search for the best beer cocktail recipes using your craft beers.  It is a great way to gain popularity with craft brew followers, and to increase retail sales at restaurants and bars.